Sailfish Study Club

2018-2019 Schedule

Date Speaker Venue Time

Kick Off Dinner with Psychologist- Humorist

Bruce Christopher


At the heart of any practice is relationships; between staff, patients and doctors. It is no doubt that communication runs your office! This session takes a very humorous look at how men and women think, speak, and make decisions differently. Interpersonal effectiveness is a key factor in personal and practice success. Laugh and learn about men and women.

Monarch Country Club 5:30pm-9:00pm

Dr. Tal Morr – Web Session

“Prosthetic Management of the Partially

Edentulous Adolescent Patient”  


  • Understand the esthetic evaluation and its impact on esthetics
  • Importance of communication between Dentist, patient and lab
  • Preparation design
  • Soft tissue management protocols
  • Management of complex cases
IRSC Stuart 6:00pm-9:00pm

Treatment Planning sessions


  • Integrate multiple disciplines into an individualized, comprehensive, sequenced treatment plan using diagnostic, risk assessment and prognostic information for patients with complex needs.
  • Obtain and interpret a patient’s chief complaint, history of present illness, medical, dental, family, cultural, and social histories, and review of systems.

  •   Develop a comprehensive or limited diagnosis and treatment plan incorporating historical, laboratory, radiographic and clinical findings to include patients with complex needs

TalkHouse 5:30pm-9:00pm

Joshua Austin

Online Reputation Management

“The Wild West of Internet Review Sites”


Pearl Session


  • Increase their online presence
  • Engage their patients in social media platforms
  • Install a system in their practice to get more reviews
  • Appropriately deal with negative reviews
Flagler Place 8:00am-1:00pm

Dr. Drew Ferris

“The Use of Removable Aligners for Orthodontic Pre-Restorative Tooth Movement”


  • To illustrate the capabilities and advantages Invisalign has over traditional orthodontic treatment in treating a variety of interdisciplinary cases
  • To provide an overview of the scope of removable aligner treatment as it pertains to interdisciplinary treatment
  • To assist in securing improved case acceptance for interdisciplinary treatment



Derek Hein

Gordon Christensen CF Report


At the completion of this course, attendees should be able to identify the best new materials, devices, and techniques for 2019; determine which products and techniques in the course meet individual practice needs; and integrate the new concepts into his or her practice. Additional learning objectives include:nder

  • Identify the most produced crown type and how it may differ from PFM
  • Determine the most appropriate resin curing light for your practice needs
  • Compare different zirconia crown types and identify brands that are acceptable or unacceptable
  • List steps in predictable cementation technique
TBA 8:00am-1:00pm

Kai Kai Farms

Tour of the farm followed by a farm to table four course meal in the East Garden.


  • Learn the management and sustainability practices in vegetable farming
  • Learn how farmers fertilize crops using non-biosolid composts
  • Learn the food and safety practices of local farmers
Kai Kai Farms 5:30pm