I-Cat (CT Scan) for Accurate 3 Dimensional Analysis

Our office has a 3-D Cat Scan Imaging System. It allows Dr. Lippisch and Dr. Engebretson to view your upper and lower jaw in three dimensions. Nerves, sinuses and cysts can be viewed in such a way to remove radiographic “guessing” as to the position or size of anatomical objects.

This system allows us to improve the diagnosis, accuracy and treatment results to our patients. Unlike a medical CT scan, the patient is seated in an open environment while a 20-second scan is performed. The scan offers significantly less radiation than a medical CT scan as well as cost to the patient of a medical CT scan. Dr. Lippisch and Engebretsen can quickly review the data taken in just moments and share the images with you and your referring doctor.

The CT Scan is used, also, for the accurate placement of Dental Implants. Utilizing the data in specific dental implant software planning programs, Dr. Lippisch and Engebretsen can perform “virtual surgery”. In this way all options for treatment can be viewed, analyzed and discussed with the referring doctor and the patient. There are no surprises.

3D Scan Image

I-Cat (CT Scan)