Teeth-In-An-Hour Computer Guided Dental Implants

TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR is cutting edge technology which enables patients to replace their dentures with permanent teeth. The fast-moving pace of modern dental technology allows for a single tooth, a partial denture or a complete denture to be replaced with accuracy utilizing a surgical guide made from a CAT Scan.

How it works: Dr. Lippisch and Engebretsen use a digital upright, non-claustrophobic CAT SCAN that produces computer data. This data is used to create virtual surgery, the dental implants are placed in your “virtual jaw”. Dr. Lippisch and Engebretsen can accurately place the dental implants where it would be best suited for your situation. CADCAM technology and robotics then create aesthetic, functional teeth. Rapid prototyping laser processing instantly builds a highly precise guide for the surgical delivery of the implant anchors. The surgical procedure typically requires no incision, no sutures and little post-operative swelling or discomfort. The patient leaves with a highly aesthetic smile, based on dental implants, usually in about one hour.

Special dental implant software is used to perform virtual surgery on the patient’s CT-Scan. When complete, the surgical guide is fabricated, and then the dental implants are surgically placed. Accuracy is typically within 1/2 mm of the planned placement. There are no surprises for Dr. Lippisch and Dr. Engebretsen. No surprises are, also, especially beneficial to the patient.

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