Zygomatic and pterygoid Implants

Zygomatic and Pterygoid implants are used in those situations where the patient and Dr. Lippisch or Dr. Engebretsen wish to limit the amount of grafting necessary to achieve a non-removable appliance in the upper jaw. 

For patients with severe maxillary resorption, extensive grafting procedures can mean lengthy treatment times.  An alternative is to anchor an implant into the Zygomatic bone. This Zygomatic implant is a longer modified traditional implant. It enables an immediate loading protocol for graft less treatment.  This dramatically shortens time to place permanent teeth for increased patient satisfaction and allows patients with severely resorbed maxillae to return to a normal quality of life.


These zygomatic implants are designed to achieve a high level of primary stability.  This allows patients with severe bone loss to have a fixed non-removable prothesis fitted immediately after surgery, avoiding the average 9 – 12  month wait and multiple surgeries requiring grafting.


Immediate function with zygomatic implants has other benefits besides a shorter treatment time, such as fewer clinical visits and less invasive compared with grafting procedures. Zygoma implants have a cumulative survival rate of 95.12 % after 10 years. Our experience, thus far, is better.


The zygomatic implant has become our implant of choice for cases of severely resorbed maxilla. As with any surgical treatment, ask your surgeon about his experience and how long he has been placing these implants.  Dr. Lippisch and Engebretsen have been placing zygomatic implants successfully for patients since 2006. The first on the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach Counties.


As with all surgical procedures – experience counts.

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