What Are Patients Saying About Us

“Thank you so much, it is great to have it taken care of! No pain whatsoever during the extraction (wisdom tooth.) I felt cared for and at ease. Thanks for a job well done. E. Kemp 9/13/18

“Excellent care from start to finish!” B. Muehlbauer 9/10/18

“So very pleased with my surgery and follow ups with the dentist. Dr. Lippisch made me feel at ease.” P.Singleton 9/6/18

“Thank you for a painless and stress-less procedure!” D. Wharton 9/6/18

“”Job well done!” A. Fisher 9/6/18

“Staff friendly and professional! I would recommend anyone who needed constructive (dental) surgery to Dr. Lippisch.” Stacey 9/5/18

“Very happy with procedure and staff” U. Del Mastro 9/5/18

“”Lovely environment!” S.Hastings 9/5/18

“Dr. Lippisch and his team are wonderful. I always feel so welcomed and relaxed. Dr. Lippisch has completed two implants for my son and one for me. We have had no problems whatsoever” J.Scott 9/4/18

“One of the nicest Doctors and staff I have had the pleasure of meeting!!” A.Gerdts 9/4/18

“I have had many implants over the years and always received excellent care. I have recommended Dr. E to several people.” C.B. 8/20/18

“We greatly appreciated Dr. Engebretsen calling to check on (our daughter) the night of the surgery. It was very reassuring. (She) seems to be healing great! Thanks for the great care!” K.C. 8/16/18

“The whole team did an amazing job with the surgery process, as well as the correct treatment to allow me to heal as soon as possible.” B.C. 8/13/18

“Very nice office, staff and doctors.” S.S. 8/13/18

“I felt at ease throughout the entire process and my healing went better than expected” K.G. 8/13/18

“The staff was terrific! Plus, I experienced zero pain.” H.G. 8/13/18

“Super friendly, was able to fit me in the same week! Great pricing for patients without insurance.” K.A. 8/13/18

“You’re awesome Dr. Lippisch! Thank you for great care.” M.S. 8/9/18

“How awesome to receive “how are you calls” from the team! Dr. Lippisch is a pro at minimizing pain! Most professional office!!!” R.O. 8/9/18

“Dr. Lippisch turned what was going to be a scary procedure into the easiest office visit! His assistant Mariana made me extremely comfortable the entire time! Thank you so much everything!” S.H. 8/2/18

“I am EXTREMELY happy with Doctor’s ENTIRE STAFF” S.D. 8/1/18

“Thank you so much for taking GREAT care of my daughter. I hope everyone enjoyed the Too Jay’s lunch!” D.W. 7/30/18

“Very pleasant experience from start to finish!” Anonymous 7/30/18

“The individual, personal care I received was immeasurable. Thank you for making the entire experience a relaxing one, and yes, it is great to smile again!” M.W. 7/30/18

“I am extremely please and grateful for the excellent and professional manner and care I received all during my implant surgery period.” M.N. 7/19/18

“Much thanks for Dr. Shawn, he relieved of so much pain and discomfort!! Many thanks!” W.C. 7/17/18

“PERFECT!” P.A. 7/17/18

“Thank you for your expertise and your compassion!” S.R. 7/16/18

“Thank you for taking such great care of all 5 of my children!!” K.R. 7/16/18

“Much thanks for Dr. Shawn, he relieved of so much pain and discomfort. Many Thanks!” W.C. 7/16/18

“Truly painless..Dr. E is the best! Staff extremely accommodating and nice!” A.M 7/5/18

“Great doctors and great staff! Over and beyond accommodating and always pleasant.” Anonymous 7/5/18

“This was the best experience that I have experienced in a dentists office…. rapid tooth extraction… and no pain. Thank you for making what I dreaded, a pleasant experience. I’ve been recommending Dr. Engebretsen to my friends. Thank you so much. Your staff was wonderful also.” R.V. 7/3/18

“Very happy with everyone in your office. If only you had someone to do the crown work in your office I would be a happy camper!” B.M. 6/30/18

“I was very pleased with my oral surgery to remove a wisdom tooth. I went home with very little discomfort after surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Engebretsen.” M.R. 6/16/18

“Great doctor and office staff. All were informative and kind.” B.C. 6/16/18

“What a wonderful, kind and professional doctor and staff” P.W. 6/15/18

“My son has a great recovery. They checked on him, made sure he was okay, very thorough with instructions. Very nice receptionist went out of her way to help.” Anonymous 6/14/18

“The entire staff was extremely professional and treated me with respect and kindness. Dr. Lippisch explained my procedure in words I could understand. I would recommend the Doctors and staff to my friends or some one who asked me about them. You all are the best!” D.M. 6/11/18

“Best care! Great Doctor and staff!” T.D. 6/11/18

“Visits were very quick and you get all the info you need. The staff is very nice and helpful. Wonderful doctor & staff. They do amazing work.” R.P. 6/11/18

“We feel lucky to have had Dr. Engebretsen and staff for the extraction/ We thank you.” D.K. 6/11/18

“Could not have been treated better. Thank you ALL especially for taking me on such short notice.” J.P. 6/8/18

“Thank you for your friendly and professional demeanor. Dr. Lippisch; excellent communication, enjoyed your info and humor. You are fortunate to have an outstanding staff. Doesn’t mean that I Look forward to any treatment (if necessary):) but if so, you’re the “Doc!” C.G. 6/4/18

“I was particularly impressed by how all your staff tried to help ,e when my temporary tooth broke off and my own dentist was out of town.” J.L.6/1/18

“I have no complaints at all. If I need anymore surgery, I will call your office again.” J.M.6/1/18

“The doctors and staff were so comforting at a very stressful time. Explaining the procedure with confidence. I knew I was going to be ok.” T.Z. 5/31/18

“This entire experience was a 10. The office staff was friendly and cooperative. Dr. Lippisch is not only a capable Oral Surgeon but also a person who can get almost anyone feeling that he was interested in their case vs. just another implant. That’s not easy when you do implants daily. He is not only technically competent but also a genuinely warm and friendly man. I came in for an implant (and like most not overly excited about the process) and left with not only an implant but also a friend. During my time on the planet I’ve been to a LOT of dentists, some goo, some not so much. Without a doubt Dr. Lippisch is at the top of my list as to whom I want doing my oral surgery. Congratulations to the entire team. A job very well done.” G.E. 5/29/18

“All professional people.” G.B 5/29/18

“I am completely impressed at the level of competence and concern of every staff member I encountered. The implant procedure went smoothly with minimum discomfort. Thank you all.” C.L. 5/22/18

“Doctor Lippisch is the best! No one else could ever meet his standards. Hist staff is wonderful also very professional.” J.B. 5/3/18

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Engebretsen and his staff – kind, warm and comforting. I recovered quickly and safely with their support. I highly recommend them.” K.K. 4/27/18

“Thanks so much for making this extraction and implant so comfortable from beginning to end. Dr. Engebretsen and his incredible staff made this a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this practice.” E.L. 4/25/18 

“You are the best!” G.Z. 4/20/18

“Above and beyond my satisfaction in all of the whole procedure. The staff cared enough that they sent a “get well” card to me after I had a severe auto accident.” K.M. 4/20/18

“The entire staff were and are the very best – – “Dr. E” was and is the greatest with oral surgery – – I would always ask for ‘Dr. E” in the future if I needed additional work. Thank you, thank you to each and all.” M.E.S. 4/20/18

“Both Doctor and staff were professional and yet personable. Everyone in the office is very caring and courteous. It was a pleasurable experience.” A.D. 4/19/18

“From Dr. Lippisch and his medical team in the back to Jasmine up front I could not have been more pleased with the services and follow up provided.” S.H. 4/15/18

“I was recommended to William E. Lippisch D.M.D. by my dentist Ron Schriar. He extracted my tooth which was a difficult one to remove with out any bruises on my face. I know he is a special oral surgeon as his parking lot and waiting room is full. I definitely will recommend him to friends. He has the most wonderful personality which sure relaxes your visit with him.” E.S. 4/13/18

“My parents use this office and love Dr. E. Dr. E cam highly recommended by Dr. Holley also. Noah’s surgery went well and had a speedy recovery! I’m most impressed with the kind, friendly, professional office staff!” M.M. 4/13/18

“Do NOT change a thing! My visit exceeded all of my expectations.” J.H. 4/13/18

“I was very impressed by the way everyone worked together. Truly a very friendly and welcoming staff!” T.C. 4/5/18

“I appreciate the kindness of the Doctor and staff” C.D. 4/4/18

“I am pleased to be a patient of Dr. Lippisch and his staff.” T. M 4/2/18

“The best part was that I felt no discomfort at any time.” N.R. 4/2/18

“The staff and Doctor were courteous and excellent. Thank you” L.S. 4/2/18

“This was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much.” B.A.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Engebretsen. His staff is professional and courteous. The removal of my son’s wisdom teeth went very smoothly. Thank you!” K. R. 

“Dr. Engebretsen and staff are caring and professional. The procedure and follow ups to check on me were both above and beyond. Took away all my concerns on having a tooth removed and worries I had that I take a blood thinner medication. My thanks to the good doctor and staff.” F.W. 3/20/18

“The staff was pleasant and worked hard.” L.S. 

“The process was far easier than I expected. I’d dreaded it for a long time. You’re the best! Thanks!” D.M.

“It is very comforting to know you are greeted with a warm smile and the care and concern of the front desk, assistants and Doctors all are the same. It is very rare to have this kind of medical/dental office. You are to be commended and I highly recommend Dr. Engebretsen and Dr. Lippisch.” H.L. 

“Dr. Lippisch is kind, considerate, put me at ease. Extraction was fast, painless. Follow up calls from staff much appreciated.” C.H.

“Perfect as always.” E.J.

“From the first time I walked in the door, everyone was extremely professional and caring. If one has to get an implant, there is no better Doctor and staff. Thank you!” M.O. 3/14/18

“Dr. Lippisch was a wonderful person always smiling & in good humor. It was a very good dental experience.” G.M. 3/13/18

“Dr. Engebretsen and his staff were wonderful! Always concerned about me and my comfort. Very professional. I had no pain or problems.” M.S. 3/8/18

“EXCELLENT!” J.E. 3/8/18

“I did not feel any pain during or after surgery. The Doctors made it comfortable.” K.G. 3/7/18

“This survey is a great idea, thanks! Every time I come I feel nurtured, cared for, protected, and receive a very personal touch by all.” P.W. 3/2/18

“I was extremely happy with the level of service provided by Dr. Lippisch and his staff. Will highly recommend to friends and family” M.D. 2/28/18

“A very good experience during a trying time. Thanks.” J.M 2/26/18

“Great experience! I felt like the doctor and staff really cared about my child and how he would handle the surgery.” K.D. 2/20/18

“I am very pleased with the Doctor and staff! Very professional and pleasant!” D.H. 2/20/18

“There is no room for improvement ~ You already have the best office and staff in Stuart! Thank you” C.J. 2/19/18

“Dr. Shawn Engebretsen is a consummate dental professional and did an outstanding job in providing me wit the best care! 5 STARS!!!”  2/19/18

“I love this office! Six of us in my family have all gone here. The Doctors are amazing and I love the staff!!” C.L. 2/14/18

“Dr. Lippisch and his staff were VERY professional and made the experience as pain free as could be! They answered all of the my questions and explained EVERYTHING to me with as much detail as possible. He even cares about his patients and his staff outside of his work as well which really helps!” M.M. 2/7/18

“Outstanding staff and Doctor, I highly recommend!!” J.K. 2/6/18

“Could not have been better.” 2/5/18

“All the staff members are particularly kind, understanding and handle everything smoothly.” P.C. 1/31/18

“I could not be happier with the care I received nor more confident in the quality of service. Thank you.” C.W. 1/29/2018

“Dr. Lippisch took care of my needs and I wouldn’t go any place else!” T.N. 1/29/18

“Thank you for making my procedure as easy as possible.” M.Q. 1/25/18

“The procedure was less painful than some minor fillings I’ve had in the past. I’m very pleased!” R.W. 1/24/18

“Very happy with the whole procedure.” W.M. 1/17/2018

“Dr. Lippisch and his team lived up to their reputation – Wonderful, compassionate and kind. Our daughter had an amazing experience with a very rapid recovery.” J.F. 1/5/18

“I often recommend Dr. Lippisch to  my friends and family. Dr. Lippisch relieved my anxiousness by keeping me informed during the procedure. I was never surprised or felt any pain throughout the entire process.” R.L. 1/5/18

“Dr. Lippisch is the best Doctor and I fully trust him. He and his assistant  made the process understandable and easy.” A.B. 1/4/18

“I would recommend the doctor to my friends and relatives. The staff were very pleasant and helpful.” R.B. 1/2/18

“Great job. Very happy with my implant. Would recommend your practice to my friends” H.F. 12/27/17

“Extremely courteous staff and a very pleasant experience. I would recommend Dr. Lippisch for any oral surgery.” R.V. 12/27/17

“It was actually a pleasant, pain free experience and everyone could not have been nicer.” C.M. 12/27/17

“Both Dr. E and Kim were wonderful during my extraction of my wisdom tooth. I felt confident and comfortable. Definitely deserving of such a wonderful reputation in Martin County.” T.W. 12/27/17

“Great office and awesome staff. Very informative and helpful. The procedure was good and they sent me home with everything that I may need during my healing process.” A.M. 12/20/17

“Dr. Lippisch and the entire staff help make my total implant surgery as comfortable as possible and my implants are a wonderful job done!” D.B. 12/19/17

“Six out of a five star scale!” D.M. 12/11/17

“Excellent service!!” E.M. 12/11/17

“The care I received before, during and after the implant was just super. You have a wonderful team ~ I thank you all for your kindness to me!” J.D. 12/6/17

“Outstanding experience, Doctor and staff” S.M. 11/21/17

“An extremely nice staff and a great caring doctor.” N.H. 11/20/17

“Dr. Engebretsen and staff exceeded my expectations. They met with my dentist multiple times to manage the process. I especially liked the technology to outline the solution which they used to create a hybrid model.” J.S. 11/20/17

“Great, well run office. Efficient and friendly! Doctors are wonderful too!” J.H. 11/20/17

“The implant process was started by Dr. Lippisch. Because I live in Illinois during the spring and summer, it was completed in Illinois. Communication between doctors, dentists was great and made the whole process smooth.” C.E. 11/18/17

“Your team of Doctors & coordinators are top notch! Thank you!” R.E. 11/17/17

“Dr. Lippisch was very good. I would highly recommend him to anyone. The staff were very understanding as I was very scared. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” V.R. 11/14/17

“Extremely satisfied with Dr. Lippisch’s treatment and friendly/courteous staff. A+” R.W. 11/9/17

Your service in all respects is superlative and I’d (and I do) recommend you to anyone who needs your help ” P.C. 11/7/17

“The staff is very warm and friendly and Dr. Engebretsen is just the best!” A.H. 11/1/17

Thank you Dr. L for your generosity and care. Your staff is excellent as well. I was a patient of yours 20+ years ago, the comfort of being cared for by your team is worth the longer drive” B.W. 10/25/17

I have been seeing Dr. Engebretsen since 2010. As always, he and his staff make an unpleasant time much easier. ” N.F. 10/11/17

“Your staff was professional and friendly. The office was clean and comfortable. I will be HIGHLY recommending your office! ” H.T. 10/4/17

“No one enjoys having dental work done. However, everyone there makes it as pleasant an experience as possible.” A.S. 10/3/17

“My entire experience as a patient of Dr. Lippisch’s was professional and caring. I was put at ease and felt well informed throughout the procedures. Dr. Lippisch’s skill and manners relaxed me throughtout. I am very pleased with the results. ” J.M. 10/2/17

“Dr. Engebretsen and Maria made me feel comfortable. Even though I was not going to be “under” for my molar removal, the removal went very smoothly. Thank You!” -L.M. 9/20/17

“We are so appreciative of the care taken during our daughters procedure. This is a state of art practice and our community is so fortunate to have Dr. Engrebretsen and staff” -S.S. 9/13/2017

“Had an amazing, worry free experience having my sons wisdom teeth removed ” C.K. 8/16/2017

“Even though it was an unfortunate circumstance that led me to have a tooth extracted, you and your staff made my visit as pleasant as possible. Putting one of my favorite music pieces on during the operation was over the top. I would like to thank each and every person that I interacted with as they were very professional. A big THANK YOU!” R.H. 8/14/2017

“Thank you Dr. Lippisch and staff for making us feel comfortable and answering all of our questions we may have had. A special thank you to Jasmine for helping us with the appointments, without you we wouldn’t have been able to have the procedure done when we did.” M.C. 8/9/17

“You all were amazing with my son Riley! I can’t thank you all enough for being so understanding and patient with my autistic son!” C.R. 8/8/2017

“Excellent from start to finish! Very professional staff. They called to see how I was feeling post op! Dr. Lippisch, as always does an excellent job!” P.H. 8/1/17

“Doctor Lippisch & his staff were awesome! This is a very hard time & they were attentive, kind & caring. Keep up the good work!! Thank you!!” R.H. 7/27/17

“Thank you for your outstanding service. Everyone in the office was so friendly and eager to help in any way.” A.W. July 24, 2017

“Dr. Engebretsen and staff were excellent. My daughter, Angela age 14, had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and was so anxious and afaid. I can not thank Dr. Engebretsen and staff enough for how kind they were and very helpful. She did great!!” J.C and T. C. July 14, 2017

“I had a tremendous amount of anxiety about having my tooth extracted. Unfortunately, I have had many extractions over the years and Dr. Engebretsen was by far, the best!!! I have been signing his praises since.” M.H. July 10, 2017

“Dr. Engebretsen and his staff are competent and caring and provided excellent care.” P.R. July 5, 2017

“Dr. Lippisch is wonderful. Second time to have wisdom teeth out without any complications. Two down and one more to go. Happy we are blessed to have Dr. Lippisch in our area.” K.P. June 27, 2017

“I’ve seen a lot of dentists in my 70 years – your practice is the best! Dr. Engebretsen was great – wonderful patient demeanor, very caring and professional- clone him!!! R.R. June 16, 2017

“I can’t say I enjoyed my extraction last Wednesday, but I did enjoy the professionalism and friendly consideration which I received from Doctor Engebretsen, Kim, and staff!

I’m sure you have heard this previously, but at the risk of repeating….  It means a lot, to get a phone call from the Doctor himself, to check on how I was doing within a few hours after the extraction.  A degree of concern and professionalism which too many aspects of our society seem to be oblivious to.   

An aside. After my extraction, I went back to work with some degree of physical activity.  Surgery completed before three pm, and back to work until around 5.  I got home and changed my gauze, and read what Kim had given me, as well as had explained to me whilst in the chair.  Shortly thereafter my wife came home with the prescribed medication. I set aside the “pain meds”, but did pay attention to the Antibiotic prescribed, and started taking them as prescribed.  After a supper of “soft stuff”, I began to fade, and went to bed around 7:45.

At 8 pm, my cell phone woke me up, -from a real sound sleep!  It took me a moment to realize it was Doctor Engebretsen inquiring as to how I was doing. My immediate reaction was to say ‘I was doing OK until you woke me up’, but I don’t know him well enough to test his sense of humor. And besides, it was real comforting to have him call, and to know he cared.    

By the way. No noticeable swelling;  No need for pain meds, except for 2 Aleve the first night and one the next day and night.  I have faithfully taken the antibiotic.  The only slight discomfort is my jaw.” G.B. April 30, 2017

“Very happy with staff, surgeon and treatment. Thank you.” S.M. March 28, 2017

“Let the world know it’s the best place and surgeons ever!” A.B. March 20, 2017

“Treatment was great and I’d go back again!” G.C. February 23, 2017

“Great as always!” J.M. January 2017

“No pain at all! Super Dentist and super assistants!” P.L. January 2017



“Knowing that one will have to have a dental implant is a stressful situation. Aside from the financial pain, one thinks of the physical ones, but Dr. Lippisch made the process painlessly as possible. Thank you!” P.C. January 2017

“Much easier than I anticipated, almost enjoyable!” P.S. December 1, 2016

“Excellent service by all!” D.H. November 21, 2016

“A lot less discomfort than anticipated. Very much appreciated the pleasant & efficient manner.” J.L. November 20, 2016

“I was terrified at first about having to undergo this surgery, but Dr. Engebretsen’s calming manor was amazing. If there is such a thing as a “GREAT” experience for dental surgery, this was it. Everyone at the office is just wonderful. Thank you!” R.R. November 15, 2016

“Dr. Engebretsen and his staff were professional, courteous and kind. I am anxious about dental procedures and I was treated accordingly. I was comfortable throughout all procedures and check-ups. Dr. Engebretsen has a lovely bedside manner and always listens. I appreciate his phone calls after the surgeries.” C.G. October 4, 2016

“You guys were great! The front desk people always smiling, happy to see me. Very Professional!” K.M. October 3, 2016

“I’m very pleased with how the whole process went and I would refer anyone I know to use Dr. Lippisch for Implants” S.H. September 22, 2016

“I have already given Dr. Engebretsen’s name to friends. I could not be more pleased on every level.” T.M. September 15, 2016

“Everyone in your practice is extremely pleasant and efficient” M.P. August 23, 2016

“Third child to have Dr. Engebretsen perform the extraction of wisdom teeth and he has always been very courteous, accurate, explanatory & wonderful as well as the staff. Thank you” C.M. August 5, 2016

“Absolutely wonderful experience in every way!! Thank you!” K.K. August 4, 2016

“Very friendly, efficient office. Thank you for a quick and painless procedure.” J.H. July 30, 2016

“I could not have been more satisfied with the professionalism, courtesy, positive attitudes and genuine concern for my well being. I have already recommended Dr. Lippisch to my friends” S.B. June 23, 2016

“The Doctor and the ladies I came in contact with were extremely helpful and pleasant. The Doctor narrated the entire procedure as he was doing it. I will go back to them anytime I need to.” E.B.

“Everyone involved was so nice and courteous which made each visit pleasant beyond belief. I could not have had a better experience! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.” J.B.

“We are so appreciative of the care taken during our daughter’s procedure. This is a state of the art practice and our community is so fortunate to have Dr. Engebretsen and his staff.” S. and M. S.

“Did a great job! Staff is very nice and helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone with a dental problem.” M.C.

“My experience at your office was excellent. Nurses are very professional and helpful and also very pleasant. Dr. Lippisch, in my opinion, is one of the best. I would recommend his office to everyone. Thank you.” J.F. 

“I dreaded this procedure for 5 years. My daughter will need to have it done soon and I wanted to advise her. It was so easy and I was in no pain and I didn’t take any pain killers. My advise to all… Just do it!!” D.D.

“My daughter, who was accompanying me the day of surgery, we both were very impressed with all the friendly, pleasant staff and doctor. The office is professional, helpful and understanding of fright of pain and not hesitant to comfort and care, sincerely. I do appreciate the time Dr. Engebretsen took to explain every step of my exceptionally (beyond excellent) health care in a truly calm and relaxing environment provided for patients. Thank you all!” C.L.

“Always a great experience. Top notch staff. This may sound crazy, but I always have a good time having teeth removed! Probably the best run office I have ever experienced!” P.M.

“Dr. Engebretsen is the best dentist or oral surgeon I’ve been to. Thank you again!” M.M.

“Dr. Lippisch was informative, helpful & made our daughter’s experience a positive one. We would definitely recommend him to others. Thanks for taking great care of us!” T.T.

“Although I would be very happy not to need all my procedures, I love this office. Everyone is not only knowledgeable, they are caring and always smiling. You can’t improve, this is the best. Thank you for all you have done for me” J.F.

“I have to say that without question the whole procedure was well, almost delightful! Everyone was so kind and I had absolutely no discomfort at any time!” C.B.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Lippisch for some twenty years and have undergone numerous implants. He is truly a ‘five star’ surgeon, a rare combination of professional expertise and compassion for his patients. The support team is extremely friendly, efficient and competent – adding to the level of confidence one feels when interacting with them. Thank you ALL for the wonderful care I have received throughout these many years!!” L.K.

“I was really dreading this procedure, but it turned out to be one of my easiest dental experiences” L.R.

“This was one of the most pleasant dental experiences I have ever had. Dr. Engebretsen and his staff were kind, compassionate, gentle and genuine!” L.H.

“I have extremely bad anxiety attacks and the entire staff made me feel really comfortable and calm! I had such an easy recovery, and I’m glad I went here!” B.G.

“We are very happy and pleased with Dr. Engebretsen and his staff. All went well. The office is spotless. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The follow-up calls were unexpected and very much appreciated” M.J.

“Just like I would treat myself!” W.R.

“Dr. Lippisch and staff are very professional, friendly and compassionate. Considering all the extra work involved in my case, I can’t say thank you enough! God’s blessings to all of you!” C.G.

“Thank you for you wonderful care and great results” A.N.

“Everyone was both pleasant and professional. I felt very well cared for and informed of all procedures. The kindness and interest in me as a client and a person was heartfelt. Thank you!” J.B,

“Much better than I expected (no pain)” R.M.

“Very professional and helpful staff! We were extremely pleased with the experience and would definitely highly recommend your office! Thank you!” The M. Family

“Entire process was painless and all my concerns and questions were addressed. Doctor and staff were professional, friendly and understanding through the whole process.” B.E.

“Top notch in every way!” L.B.

“Very comfortable experience. The complete staff thru to Dr. Lippisch were outstanding. That old saying you get what you pay for is so true. Thanks once again” T.H.

“I would recommend you and your entire staff to everyone I know, favorably” A.C.

Could not be in better hands” R.S.

“There was not a step along the way that was in any way unpleasant  or unexpected. Thanks for all of your courtesy, professionalism and good work!” G.J.

“Easiest experience ever! Very happy!” L.K.